Y   o   u   r      R   e   l   i   a   b   l   e      P   a   r   t   n   e   r


Features of ARC

ARC remote controls are radio frequency controlled. Systems operate on the 433-434 MHZ band where no licence is required.

A radio remote control system consists of one transmitter and one receiver. Receivers with supply voltage of 220vAC and 12-24VDC are available. The environmental working temperature range is between -45 and +80 degree Celsius. The range of the systems is ~100m. Transmitters work with two pieces of AA-size alkaline batteries. ARC systems are ultra low power consuming. Even on frequent use the batteries will last for some weeks! Compared to similar systems, this feature will let you save a lot on batteries. A rubber sleeve around the transmitter will protect it very well against impact and drops.

When the pushbuttons on the transmitter are pressed, relevant relays in the receiver will be active. The contact coming from the relay will energize a motor or an electrical device. There are single-step and two-step pushbuttons available. When slightly pressed down, a two-step pushbutton will activate the first relay. When further pressed down, the pushbutton will activate a second relay. When the pushbuttonn is released, both relays will be de-activated. If desired the relays can be kept active even when the pushbuttons are released. To de-activate the relays, the receiver will wait for the same pushbutton to be pressed again or the opposite side pushbutton to be pressed once. This is called the toggle mode operation.

Different frequency channels and unique ID codes makes it possible to work with tens of systems in the same area. Every receiver responds only to commands coming from its paired transmitter. No other ARC transmitter or any other system would cause the transmitter to give a relay output. At ARC, security comes first!

According to the need of application, one of the two ARC models can be chosen:

       The CL8 with 6+1 single step pushbuttons        or      the XL10 with 8+1 two step pushbuttons



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